Precision harmonic reducer


Name:Precision harmonic reducer


        High transmission efficiency and smooth movement. Due to the uniform radial movement of the flexible gear teeth in the transmission process, the relative sliding speed of the gear teeth is very low even if the input speed is very high (so it is - percent of the ordinary involute gear transmission). Therefore, the gear teeth wear is small and the efficiency is high (up to 69% ~ 96%). In addition, both sides of the gear take part in the work, so there is no impact phenomenon and the movement is stable.

         Simple structure, few parts and convenient installation. There are only three basic components, and the input and output axes are in the same axis, so the structure is simple and the installation is convenient.

         Small size and light weight. Compared with the general reducer, when the output torque is the same, the volume and weight of the harmonic gear reducer can be reduced by 2 / 3 and 1 / 2 respectively.