Intelligent harmonic reducer


Name:Intelligent harmonic reducer


working principle:

Before assembly, the flexible wheel and its inner hole are round. When the wave generator is installed into the inner hole of the flexible wheel, the length of the wave generator is slightly larger than the diameter of the inner hole of the flexible wheel, and the flexible wheel is supported into an ellipse, forcing the flexible wheel to fully engage with the fixed rigid wheel in the long axis direction of the ellipse, and completely separate in the short axis direction. The teeth at other places may be in "engagement" depending on the rotation position of the flexible wheel State, or in the "rodent out" state. Because the rigid wheel is fixed, when the wave generator rotates counterclockwise, the soft wheel rotates clockwise. When the wave generator rotates continuously, the long and short axes of the flexible wheel and the positions of "meshing in" and "meshing out" change constantly. The flexible gear teeth turn from meshing in to meshing out, and then from meshing out to disengagement. In this way, meshing in, meshing, meshing out, disengagement, meshing in, meshing The reciprocating cycle forces the flexible wheel to rotate continuously.