Present situation and way out of domestic harmonic reducer

Time:2020-07-09 11:22:04

In fact, although the domestic harmonic reducer can also meet the basic needs in performance, there is still a big gap between the accuracy, life, and reliability compared with foreign countries. Among them, the reliability problem is particularly prominent. Some companies say that After using for a period of time, the motion stability and reliability performance of the domestic harmonic reducer is indeed not as good as similar foreign products, which is a "short board" that cannot be ignored.

The localization of harmonic reducers does not mean that we want to produce exactly the same things as foreign countries. We want to be as close to the international level as possible, but we cannot completely follow foreign products, because foreign products are not necessarily suitable for domestic occasions. application. In fact, for the particularity of the Chinese market, domestic harmonic reducer companies can create more "grounded gas" adaptive products.

For domestic core parts enterprises, whether it is a harmonic reducer manufacturing enterprise or a supporting harmonic reducer bearing and other parts enterprises, achieving scale is an important way for enterprises to reduce production costs. In fact, only by increasing sales, can profits be achieved. "Foreign reducer companies have limited capacity expansion. Therefore, in the face of sudden growth in market conditions, they often have more than enough resources." An industry source pointed out.